THE TOXIC AVENGER ’3/2/1′ EP free download

so… have you read the posting before this one? yeah? well, things have changed. again. the venue we were supposed to move into has to close down – for fiscal reasons. which forced us to cancel the GSUS! and ANTICHRIST show. which bums us out… but let’s not dwell on the past. instead let’s see [...]

return of love+hate

love+hate is back out of hibernation. and we’re making noises to go with that. appropriate noises: violent, sexy, heavy, dark and, yes, sensual, too. let me take you on a small metaphorically onomatopoeic tour of what we’re offering you.  


only a few hours ago our worshipped OWL VISION, master and pioneer of original swedish death electro, has posted another free download of his latest project, TILL DEATH. it’s the second one, but most will remember the first one – ‘Beware The Night’ – being posted as OWL VISION x DISTURBIA. which is the same, [...]


oh boy, will we ever get to revamping the website? i’m sure working on it, but… yeah… but enough about what doesn’t work and on to things that actually DO WORK! this friday we’ve invited some of our friends from the viennese party scene to join us in one big, fat event: FRIENDS OF love+hate! [...]

love+hate league remix The Attention!

so, it’s been a while… again. well, i had some very, very good reasons: i ruptured my right achilles tendon and was pre-occupied with getting my foot treated. forgot to post because of all that. but on the upside: i’m also working on a re-design of the website, but, sssssh!, paul doesn’t know that yet. [...]

Take On … Pelussje!

hey l/h people! been a while since my last update… or any real update to the website for that matter. reason: i’ve ruptured my achilles tendon and was kinda caught up in that and paul was just too busy taking over the daily biz of love+hate. but, i’m on my way to recovery and found [...]

TEN SKIRTS | mix for love+hate

thursday, 16th june, very soon. and love+hate is going to drop another premiere: OWL VISION – first time in austria! how about that?! but recently we’ve only been talking about OWL VISION. he’s fabulous, yes, but there’s more! there are our very, just as fabulous pen-pals from munich city in germany: TEN SKIRTS! we were [...]

Owl Vision / Deathstar [video]

a few more days to the next love+hate with our very special guest OWL VISION! [hooooot! yeah... bad pun... i know...] and TEN SKIRTS! [raise them up! ... hm, my puns aren't getting any better...] also, this time’s going to be a collaboration with the university of applied arts, who have a seemingly unblemished track [...]

Justice finally drop ‘Civilization’ video

right. i don’t normally do this. i mean, i don’t normally use my private projects for something that’s linked to my day job. but i really, really, really like how the new video for ‘civilization’ by JUSTICE has turned out. so, i’m not going to post any other info, because you can all find it [...]

“way too distorted” mix

so, yeah… last love+hate was amazing! the next one is going to brilliant as well: JOKERS OF THE SCENE and DISCO DEMONS, june 12th! but until then i got something else for you. something that’s not really nice. at least not in a “oh, that’s a nice little doggie.” or “my, so nice  of you [...]